Kizomba a dance for the masses

It doesn’t matter your language, music is  an universal language that makes you move as soon as you hear it and your body fills with joy and with desire to dance. Kizomba is the rhythm that motivates you to never stop moving.

 But, what is this dance about?

Let us begin by saying that Kizomba means “Party”, which means that just by listening that name, we’re ready for an unstoppable rhythm. Kizomba y an Angolan music very contagious and full of strong rhythms like Zouk and Semba.

Kizomba has gained particular strengthen in Europe and America, allowing more people to join the rhythm, and no one cannot resist its charm.

But Kizomba doesn’t only give you energy, this rhythm also gives multiple and notable benefits to your body:

·      Strengthens bones and muscles

·      Tones up your body

·      Stress and tension relief

·      Increases self-esteem

Do you know that Champeta and Reggaeton have common steps with Kizomba? If you want to  check it out, sign up for Chocó To Dance, take some dance lessons with Colombian teachers and prove that no one could beat you on the dance floor.


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